Assistant Professor Miljenko Bura MD, PhD, graduated and finished his Ph.D at School of Medicine, University of Zagreb. As an invited speaker, Miljenko held lectures at more than 100 medical congresses and at international Conferences about medical tourism in Barcelona, London, Venice and Erdine as well.

Miljenko is a member of European Head and Neck Society (member), American Association of Endocrine Surgeons (member), European Society of Endocrine Surgeon (represent of Croatia), American Academy of Otorhinolaryngology and H&N Surgery (consultant). For the past seven years dr Bura has been an initiator and promoter of development of health and medical tourism in Croatia.

He was founder and president of Association for medical tourism development in Croatia (2009-2013), founder of consultant company Medical Group ltd, specialized for health tourism projects and founder of travel agency Medical Network ltd , specialized for health tourism and founder of web site www.cromedicalnetwork.com.

In addition, he was the Conference director of International Conference of Medical Tourism and Travel Medicine in Croatia ( 2009-2011). From October 2014.to April of 2016. sr Bura was at the position of Assistant Minister of Health responsible for health tourism development in Croatia. Now, he is President of the Zagreb Health Tourism Cluster.

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Dr. Miljenko Bura, inicijator Foruma, konzultant, predsjednik Klastera zdravstvenog turizma Zagreba




Speaker, AHT Forum Initiator